Winged Flight From The Comfort of Your Couch

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It’s time to step up your indoor flying game with Plantraco’s amazing indoor remote controlled micro airplane.

You’ve already spent hours mastering all of those mini RC helicopters and sufficiently scared your family, friends, and pets, now it’s time to harness your inner Wright Brother in what can only be the next logical step to achieve aerial greatness.

This curiously capable carbon fiber based flying machine has a wingspan of 7.5 inches yet it amazingly weighs in at a mere 3.6 grams. And that’s not just the frame, we’re talking about full flying weight including the receiver and 30mAh LiPo battery.

You can literally take off from the ground, cruise around a 12′ x 16′ living room for as long as 20 minutes, and land it right back on a spot as small as a coffee table with its fixed landing gear. The thought of challenging yourself to safely land in increasingly smaller areas seems worth the price alone. Pilotwings anyone? Just me?

Although seemingly delicate, the guys at Plantraco say, at a top speed of 2.2mph, this plane will handle anything you can throw at it – like an errantly placed wall. And don’t scoff at that top speed until you see just how fast it feels when it’s whizzing around your house.

They have even included an aluminum carrying case lined with foam to keep your fragile investment safe while traveling. All you have to do is scavenge the four AA batteries needed to power the combination remote/charger and you’re airborne.

At $159 it may not be cheap but, as of today they have been sold out for over a week so, the price point is clearly right for someone. A friendly customer service rep has assured us that more should be in stock this coming week but, don’t delay, with the holiday season fast approaching, this might just be your last chance for the perfect gift until after the new year.

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