Spy Hawk Video Glasses Transform Your RC Plane Into a Vertigo Inducing Combat Machine

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So, you’ve put in some flight time on your new Spy Hawk but, now you’re ready to take your aerial dogfighting skills to the next level? Plug in the new Spy Hawk Video Glasses and put yourself right in the cockpit for an unprecedented first person view of the action (or the pretty trees, whatever is more your speed).

These new hi-tech goggles will take that little on-board remote video screen and turn it into a 72 inch virtual video game right before your eyes. No more staring up into the sun trying to bring down your buddies plane, now you can comfortably lock in and focus on destroying the enemy (or just do some birdwatching – I’m not judging).

My only question is, if you can’t maintain visual contact with the aircraft itself, how will you know if you’re about to fly out of range and lose control? For a bit over $150, it’s certainly a cool add-on but, maybe they’d be better off on the head of a friend than the guy flying the plane. If you hear one buzzing in your neighborhood, duck and get a helmet.

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