Smar Tea Teapot

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Calling all design nerds! WMF is delivering another home goody courtesy of Metz and Kindler Product Design, the dynamic duo responsible for injecting sleek elements into simple, logical designs. The Smar Tea Teapot (you know you love a good pun) is a beautiful addition to the collection — made of heat-resistant glass and a matte stainless finish, the teapot makes brewing and serving tea a cinch. A mesh strainer insert clicks in and out of place for easy removal after steeping, replaced with a lid afterwards to help keep the tea warm while serving. Get creative, start concocting your own special tea blends by adding some fresh herbs from the store, your friends will be so impressed.

Sure, it may not be as simple as throwing some teabags into your metal kettle and firing up the stove for a couple of minutes, but you’ll appreciate the difference, both aesthetically and as you discover your own zen in brewing (give it a week, you’ll soon notice the difference between oversteeped tea and the perfect blend brought on by careful execution). The Smar Tea Teapot is available from Unica Home for $137.50.

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