Smack Attack: The Dumbest New Invention That Turns Your Steering Wheel Into A Drum Kit

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There have been plenty of swings and misses in the history of gadgetry and this is definitely one of them. Do we really need something else to distract us while we drive?


The Smack Attack, invented by a guy named Gregor “G-Man” Hanuschak, is a slip on cover that essentially turns your steering wheel into a drum machine. Hanuschak doesn’t know it yet, but he is about to inadvertently kill scores of teenagers who think it’s cool to beat on their steering wheels going 75 in the fast lane.

The RITW (Re-Inventing The Wheel) Smack Attack allows you to you play drums with your steering wheel using an FM transmitter, iOS app, and any old dead radio station or, if you have a newer car with in aux input, you can plug right in.

There are 8 different sensors that correspond to 8 different customizable drum sounds which you can play with or without the music in your iTunes.


All in all, The Smack Attack, which takes no installation and slips right on to your steering wheel, is completely unnecessary and is bound to cause accidents from the distraction it might cause. Yes, we all tap our steering wheels to music but that one basic thud we all know and love suddenly seems a lot safer than trying coordinate an eight button Tommy-Lee-like-attack.

Do we really want people turning steering wheels into drum kits? If the answer is yes, than head over to Smack Attack on Kickstarter where they are trying to raise a whopping $200k to get units out the door — and make sure you’re a huge fan because a little tappy tap tap tapperoo is going to set you back $150.

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