Samsung SP-H03 Pico Projector

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Portable projectors are popping up all over the place now and they are starting to drop down into the price range where normal people can afford them.  The Samsung SP-HO3 Pico Projector is one of the newest mini projectors on the market and you can get one for around $300.

This tiny projector is only 1.5″ tall and 3″ wide which is puny compared to the projectors you see in home theatre setups but for some reason it just looks huge for a portable device.  It uses LED and DLP technology to produce images anywhere you point it and it does that at a screen size of 9″ up to 80″ with a resolution of 854 X 480.

It has inputs for your PC or laptop, digital cameras and a microSD slot which means you can hook up just about anything to it.  The reason I thought it was cool is because with a few adapters you can hook it up to your phone and project movies or Youtube videos anywhere.  That means when the next Antoine Dodson video goes viral and everyone wants to see it you can project it on the wall in your office and have a viewing party.

The uses for something like this are only limited to your imagination.  Take a movie along on a family camping trip and project it on the side of your tent.  Upload pictures of your kids to the 1GB internal memory and you can annoy people at the bus stop, in line at Starbucks or anywhere else you can imagine.

Setting it up is super easy and the touch sensitive controls located on the top of the device are extremely easy to use.  The two biggest downsides to me are the overall look and the fact that it only has 30 Lumens.  The projector is a black square, it looks like they didn’t put any effort at all into making it look nice.  A typical home projector will be anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 lumens so this isn’t something you’re going to hook up to the blu-ray player.

If you’re looking for something that is very small and portable than this may be a good option for you.

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