Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder

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Time to get your spy on with this palm-sized stainless steel digital camcorder that doubles as a standard digicam with built-in flash. Able to shoot up to 2 hours of DVD quality video (720×480 30fps) and capture hundreds of 5.4 megapixel photos on a 2 GB SD card, here’s the go-anywhere camera solution that slips into your pocket and can easily be concealed for stealth use (in case you have any high designs for espionage).

Equipped with a hi-res 2.5 inch LCD display, the camcorder comes packed with 8x digital zoom, optional image stabilization, a rechargeable LI battery, RCA cables to connect to your TV, docking base, USB cable, soft case, lanyard strap for easy carrying and earbuds for audio monitoring. Also included: Blaze Video Magic Software so that you can convert videos for playback on your iPod, PSP, or cell phone (sorry, Mac users, but the software is Windows based). Still, you can easily download the files from the camera via USB on any OS without any extra drivers, just plug in and drag-and-drop your files.

Available for $199 from ThinkGeek, this is a great add to your travel (or spy) kit.

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