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I won’t lie to you – I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit placing my Nexus 7 on various household surfaces, propping it up on pencils and pointing it at walls of various angles in an attempt to discover the best, wire-free method of amplifying its measly speakers. But it seems Loudbasstard have beaten me to it with their range of passive amplifiers.

Gadizmo Loudbasstard

These gorgeous looking passive amplifiers are made from woven bamboo and rattan and come in a range of colors including teal, crimson, charcoal and my favourite, emerald. Due to the nature of bamboo and rattan, Loudbasstard amplifiers are sturdy, easy to clean and will boost the overall sound output of any smartphone or tablet without the need for extra wires, adapters or electricity in general!

The photos alone are enough to have me foaming at the mouth, but in case you needed a little more persuading, perhaps you should consider the “green” side of the story.

Seeing as each amplifier is hand made from renewable bamboo and rattan, and that the “device” itself requires no power, Loudbasstard passive amplifiers offer a environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to conventional power hungry, plastic and metal based docking stations.

Speaking of affordability, the amplifiers are available for purchase directly through the Loudbasstard Big Cartel website for the extremely reasonable price of $49.00. They come in two flavours, one for use with the Apple iPhone and one for the larger Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4.

Until Loudbasstard releases a passive amplifier that will cater to the girth of my Nexus 7, I’ll have to keep experimenting. But at least you iPhone and Galaxy users out there won’t have to. Let us know if you plan to pick up a Loudbasstard passive amplifier by dropping a comment below!

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  1. This is a significant step up from my empty toilet paper roll passive amplifier. Don’t knock my redneck enginuity.


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