Take the Tangle Out of Your On-The-Go Music with Truebuds

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If your briefcase, purse, or junk drawer looks like a one-eyed coked up squirrel just put the finishing touches on its new winter nest, you might want to check out Truebuds.

They might not solve all of your tangled woes but they will give you six hours of musical pleasure without the use of any wires.

The makers at Pear Designs claim those six hours give them the longest lasting Bluetooth earbuds, in the smallest package, on the market today. With their sleek charging case you can top those buds off for another 6 hour round in only 45 minutes.


The designers are also quick to point out that quality was not sacrificed for comfort and portability. Their proprietary module, ambient noise cancellation, and bit reduction techniques make for a product that equally rivals that of its corded predecessors.

The best part of Truebuds might be their relatively reasonable price. As of today you can still grab yourself an early bird special, which includes a set of earbuds and portable charging case for only $99. The Kickstarter campaign, which is already at 4x the $50k goal, promises delivery in March 2016.


I can’t help but wonder if some users might find themselves missing those wires they’ve fought so hard to eradicate.

Bose, Beats, Harman Kardon, and the list goes on. They all come with different size silicone ear gaskets promising a snug fit and yet they have all fallen out of my ears at one point or another. Those “annoying” wires were the only things that saved me from fumbling around on the floor of my subway train. Would you put that back in your ear?

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