iBackPack is a Dream Bag for Tech Junkies on the Go.

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iBackPack gives users the ability to charge portable devices, listen to music, and become a roving Wi-Fi hotpsot – in a sleek looking, security protected, backpack.

My first thought was, “It does all of that? This thing is going to make me look like Boy Scout on a week long trek” but, the reality is, it has a much cleaner look and lines than most backpacks that simply carry a few books.


How does it do all of this? At the heart of the carrier are two 8,000 mAH lithium polymer batteries capable of bringing 6 iPads back to life on a single charge.

Once you bring those gadgets back to life using the 4 on-board waterproof USB ports, you can connect to the net with the built in Wi-Fi hotspot.

With all of that technology tucked away in an easy to snatch package, the last thing you want is someone making off with your priceless tech, so they even included a GPS tracking system, Bluetooth proximity locator, and a blaring alarm sure to call attention to the would-be thief.

You can then celebrate, as the police cart off the perp, with your favorite crisis-averted-soundtrack using the removable Bluetooth speaker system.

The backpack measures 19.2” x 14.1” x 9.84” and will safely protect up to a 15.6” Laptop. At 3.5 pounds, its starting weight is a bit more than a typical backpack but, that’s the price you pay to be a walking tech party.

A pledge of $149 will score you the Basic black model, while $199 lands you the Professional model, with upgrades including choice of color, larger capacity batteries, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

The iBackPack managed to meet its modest Indiegogo goal of $50k in less than 24 hours. Not bad for the Austin Texas based company — ‘Merica!

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