Hands On With IOGEAR’s Wireless 3D HD Digital Kit


As the NFL season rolls on toward the playoffs and the NCAA bowl games near, the IOGEAR Wireless HD Digital Kit launches to provide sharp 1080P HDMI signals from one TV to another seamlessly.

No matter how many High Definition televisions are rockin’ your sports bar or pristine home setup, there are always going to be places where the TV is ideal but the room to run connection wires, a Blu-ray player, and a cable box are impossible (at least without taking down a wall and ignoring the wife’s pleas for a contractor – and I do not recommend this).

What do you do when there is no room for a gargantuan vanity, an antique bookshelf to hold the Blu-ray player, and a slew of action adventure romance movies in the living room? And on top of this, the wife insists the TV looks best in the corner beside the fireplace, but the wires just will not wind through the chimney to give the DVR cable box’s content to you.

Luckily, with IOGEAR’s Kit, brick and mortar TV entertainment stations may be a thing of the past.

Ditch the TV stand, the component shelf, and the miles of tangled wire by plugging one HDMI cable into a wall mounted television and one into the tiny IOGEAR visual/audio receiver (made to mount right on the wall and hidden if need be).

House your mainstay living room TV with its Blu-ray or cable box and connect the other HDMI to the second IOGEAR receiver/transmitter box.

It’s not Star Trek, but you can then take uncompressed High Definition signals from one HDTV and device and beam it magically and completely wirelessly to another HDTV, retaining full on 1080P output, 5.1 surround sound audio, and even 3D movie signals.

IOGEAR claims that its ultra-clear signal will work for up to 100 feet and will not lose its luster. Personally, I did not have a hundred feet to work with, but the review Kit that IOGEAR gave me worked wonderfully nearing 50 feet of distance between two televisions.

The two tiny IOGEAR boxes easily link up to HDMI cables (one is even included in the Kit, folks), and the installation could not be simpler: plug in your HDMI cables – one goes to the receiver box and TV, as the transmitter box features two HDMI inputs and one output to the TV so two HD devices can be sent wirelessly – use a cable box, or an X-Box 360 and a Blu-ray player – they all work without noticeable delay or loss of picture quality; then you just have to plug in each box and turn them on – done!

You could grab one of these Kits on the IOGEAR site for two hundred and fifty bucks OR you could simply retweet this review today for a chance to win your very own and more!

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The IOGEAR Wireless HD Digital Kit is a must-have operation for watching the Super Bowl on the extra TV during the house party!

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