Hands On the Cellhelmet iPhone Case with One Year Warranty

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The Cellhelmet has arrived with its one year of accidental damage coverage, and the iPhone case passed rigorous testing at Gadizmo headquarters.

The no-brainer idea turned Kickstarter project was covered by us in February, and now the Cellhelmet.com inventors have opened up their stores.

We got our hands on one and were happy with the results of dropping, smashing, and bashing that the Cellhelmet encased iPhone 4S took . . . and survived!

The Cellhelmet is longer than some cases, but also the thinnest one that I have ever seen. Overall it is sleek and sexy with a little flair.

The case comes with a two-color backplate made from PVC (flip to either blue or green in my case) to prevent cracks on the phone’s back glass.

The rest of the Cellhelmet is transparent and shows off the iPhone black or whiteness through a gray tint. It is made of dense polyurethane rubber (TPU) shell with angled edges for drop-shock displacement around the device, and I can tell you this: I was nervous dropping my beloved 64GB iPhone 4S, even knowing that I was covered for a new one, if need be. Yet the iPhone was fine, as the Cellhelmet does an outstanding job of providing shock absorption.

This thing is made to withstand blows from everything except a direct hit to the glass front with a hammer (we did not try this, folks), or water (which is the only thing Cellhelmet does not cover, so no toilet swimming, there’s another product for that).

What is also particularly nice is the well-thought-out design that allows for easy reach to all of the buttons and ports.

At forty-five dollars the case is a bit more expensive than most, but only marginally, and for that money users that register the Cellhelmet get one year of full on damage guaranteed protection (and they say accidental meaning they’ll fix anything you do to it with unlimited repairs and up to one free new unit – even if you run over it with the lawn mower).

If you pay expensive monthly fees to protect your phone, if you are prone to dropping things, or if you have a mega-expensive version of the iPhone 4S that is too precious to go without a warranty, Cellhelmet takes out the legwork, the hassle, and a lot of the cost (claims cost fifty bucks).

The compact Cellhelmet fits beautifully in a pocket and in the hand, and it covers everything from new, used, beat up, and even jailbroken iPhones.

There are many cases out there, but not very many would allow you to play a game of catch with your coworkers and their iPhones – the Cellhelmet stands out!

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