Cellhelmet is First and Only iPhone 4S Case that Insures iPhones Against Damages

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A first of its kind product from Cellpig.com is featuring an iPhone 4 and 4S case that guarantees to repair or replace any iPhone that is physically damaged while wearing the Cellhelmet.

What? That’s right, if the iPhone’s sound flick switch should fall out after an accidental drop (not a throw) onto the floor, Cellhelmet will fix or replace it.

Considering how costly monthly cell phone insurance charges are, and that most cell phone providers will still charge an inordinately large amount of money for the insured phones when they are actually replaced (practically eliminating any savings for us consumers), at $44.99 the Cellhelmet seems like a duh, why didn’t I think of that pitch.

In the middle of March with the launch of the Cellhelmet, Gadizmo will have thoroughly tested the case itself and will be reporting back on it in a detailed review.

For the time being, we have the words and pictures to wow us.

The Cellhelmit is currently a heavily backed project featured on Kickstarter, where entrepreneurs, consumers, and investors meet to help support innovative projects.

The case is made from a TPU polyurethane that is rigid and feels like hard plastic but is said to be much more durable. Its design is sexy and thin so as to barely add any bulk to the iPhone at all for pocket travel.

Cellhelmet has an open front that borders the bottom of the screen but leaves that open to physical thumb touching. Each seems to be clear and comes with a back-plate that can be flipped to alternate colors. There are currently black/white, pink/purple, or green/blue combinations.

Are you ready for the fine print?

The Cellhelmet is made in Pittsburg and has Global Warrantee Group handling its one year warrantee (they are an A+ on BBB.org), but this currently only applies to Canadian and US customers. Users must register the Cellhelmet thirty days after purchase and water does not qualify for the unlimited physical repairs or the single phone replacement.

The upside appears to be this: if the Cellhelmet is crafted as good as its warranty, you will never need to fix or replace the precious data-filled iPhone, and the back-plate seems to be a nice area to put a customized graphic if you want to stand out in a crowd.

Check back in March to see how this case works out!

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