Google Places Places Everything So Easily


There are no programs that find useful things around you like this!  “Google Places” is INCREDIBLE!

Many Apps, for many quote-unquote smart phones, offer up the locations of various (let’s call them) places around the user’s location.  Thumb up the App and watch as cheap Gas Stations, even cheaper Restaurants and enticing Attractions form on the screen and supposedly guide the user accurately toward their limitless potential offerings.

They do not do it anywhere near as well as the powerhouse Google and the new “Google Places” App.

The problem for the predecessors lies in the fact that many of the small location-based applications do not update their servers nearly enough, and the persons searching desperately for a damn good cup of coffee or a donut while traversing the mean streets of New York at midnight are then often brought to a bad end.

I say this from experience after walking miles to phantom Dunkin Donuts locales in Astoria, Queens last week (my girlfriend and I made it out alive, but the donuts were hard to come by).

The “Google Places” App is simplicity itself.  All of the resources of Google have been fully utilized to offer up accurate locations of Coffee, Bars, Hotels, ATMs and more on the free App!

Cue up “Google Places” and let it “locate you”.  It determines your address and shows off the myriad Starbucks (and also real coffee houses) for miles.  Pressing onto one shows their address, their picture, reviews, detailed information about what it is exactly and directions (that go through Google Maps accurately!).

This is a must have!

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  1. Kiffie K.

    Someone who uses “myriad” correctly in public! Kudos! English is not dead yet! : )

    • R.J. Huneke

      Thank you for that! I am an avid fan of English, and I try to keep it alive!


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