Go Go Green Gadget Airbag Backpack

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MariClaRo Sustainable Designs have a new venture to offer up consumers in their EXPERIMENTS section: a large backpack made entirely from recycled (and already exploded) airbags.

So you realize the mountain bike ride through Central Park was a bad idea when the merging gray clouds begin to pour down rain pellets that are eager to void your MacBook’s warrantee.

But wait, your work, important client portfolios, and laptop are all safely stowed within the very large, sexy, and waterproof Airbag Backpack.

The Canadian company, MariClaRo, already offers up many other extremely practical green products that are environmentally friendly, and very gadget affectionate, such as their laptop and courier bags that are made to stay closed and protective at the windiest of circumstances and even 8mm film earrings (I’m not really sure about wearing those for style-sake — to each to their own).

The Airbag Backpack is a hand cut, one of a kind king of packs and is made in Canada.

The company states: All Mariclaro bags are 99% recycled (the 1% is made up of thread and our logo; still not available recycled) and made in a sustainable way.

Airbags are extremely durable, just watch the crash test dummies, but their only flaw is that once they are ejected, they are not reused due to worries of failure (via repeated explosions). MariClaRo has taken these materials in the hopes of recycling as many of them as possible in a stylish, and practical manner.

The pictures do not lie! The Airbag backpack is HUGE and made to house laptops, electronics and anything else you can think of within its many outside and inside waterproof compartments.

And these pockets even come with compression straps to enlarge or shrink each compartment in order to better cradle your baby of an iPad.

Three hundred bucks is a lot of money, but considering this backpack is a unique one of a kind item that can be ordered with a customized color request, it is a waterproof airbag pack, and it has so much well thought out practicality, it is worth the sheckles.

Many cheap packs shred up, fall apart, and leak ad nauseam, but this one does not.

The buckles ensure that the pack stays closed whether motorcycling, biking, or skiing, and did I mention it is waterproof?

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