Geek Weekly: Blik Wall Decals Recreate Super Mario Bros. & Donkey Kong

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Nintendo has partnered with the geniuses over at Blik Wall Decals to offer up huge wall covering reusable decals based on the 8-bit graphics from the original NES version of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and other retro video games.

That’s right, Mario can hop on those Koopas from floor to ceiling in the office, the bedroom, or the mancave!

The Blik Re-Stik decals are HUGE and come with an abundance of room-dousing materials from classics like Centipede, Mega Man, Asteroids, and even a newer treasure of 3D-2D coin play from Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The warehouse or garage often offers up the perfect inventor’s den and headquarters for a company start-up – just like Steve Jobs and Apple, or the Google team did – but there needs to be inspiration bounding from whatever walls surround the camp. A badass setting that is intricate, entertaining, and intriguing can provide for much needed gazing when the work is cranking.

Now follow the classic arcade vision of Donkey Kong and the wooden barrels chasing after the bushy-mustached Italian plumber, Mario, from the high ceiling all the way to the floor as the epic gameplay virtually takes over your eyesight, goes around a corner, and continues on the company wall. And Blik does this right: for sixty-five bucks they use the actual graphics from the original video games just blown up in stunning detail for use with an unsuspecting wall.

Add in a little coin ringing sound from a Mario Bros. game on your lunch breaks, and the room will resonate with great 2D gaming life!

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