Geek Weekly: Avengers Captain America Shield Backpack

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The rocket scientists, inventors, tinkerers, and astrophysicists over at ThinkGeek and Marvel have pooled their collective genius to SHIELD us all with the Geek Weekly: Avengers Captain America Shield Backpack.

captain america shield backpack

Wow! Can I get a “HULK SMASH”, anyone?

Should Bruce Banner’s unruly green Mr. Hyde decide to swing his burly fist your way, be sure to spin around, and let the Captain America Shield Backpack take the brunt of it.

Forget cosplay.

This is a fully functional laptop or tablet protected pack made to look exactly like the legendary painted hunk of Vibranium on the outside, complete with Cap’s signature arm straps for carrying his shield, and on the inside the fully padded surface emulates Captain America’s uniform.


We are talking about style, a kickass Captain America shield, and a comfortably padded computer backpack.

If Steve Rogers had any more intelligence, he would ask Tony Stark to make one of these out of his own shield for Captain America: Civil War (he’s going to need it when he’s on the run).

This ThinkGeek exclusive is an official Marvel product going for sixty bones and going by a much longer title: The Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America Shield Backpack.


The Stars & Stripes Shield Dimensions are 18″ in diameter and the Internal Pockets are:

  • Main: approx. 18″ diameter x 2.5″ deep
  • Padded Laptop/Tablet: approx. 13.75″ x 10.75″ x 1.5″
  • 2 Small Accessory Pockets: 5.25″ x 6″

The laptop/tablet pocket has an adjustable strap with hook-and-loop closure, but is a little on the small side; i.e. my MacBook Pro stretches the sides with its 14.25” in a space designed for 13.75”.

Regardless, when the crowds of anime folk heroes come at you at comic con with their ridiculously authentic eight-foot long swords, axes, and maces, (because you made the mistake of writing an article that said ‘forget cosplay’) be sure to ward off all of their blows while keeping your electronics and coveted new comic book acquisitions protected with the Avengers Captain America Shield Backpack.

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