Forget Lasers, the Future is Sapphire – Zafirro Sapphire Razor

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I can hear you through the internet. “Razors? Again? Guys come on already.” No I will not come on. Not until I have found the razor that changes my life and finally gets my dad to come home after 22 years and tell me he loves me.

We thought Laser Razors might be the answer to our Gillette woes but it seems that dream may be dead, so I present to you the real future of shaving – the Zafirro, the sapphire blade razor.


I agree, the shaving industry needs some disruption, and while my solution is to simply keep a beard, I understand that doesn’t work for everyone. The current shaving industry model causes too much waste at too high a cost with too little innovation.


Zafirro takes the approach of creating a premium razor that will last a long time — over a year in their current lab trials. Compared to only a few weeks for a traditional blade and you can see how the promises of waste reduction could easily pan out. But as is always the case with world changing razors, the high upfront cost could keep a lot of shavers from experiencing the Zafirro.


If you get in on the Kickstarter now you can claim one for $199, but if you wait until retail release you’re looking at a $299 pricetag, which is expensive by any measure.

I still need to see an actual pricetag on the replacement blades, the current promise is “less than $49” and I’d also like a more concrete timetable on how often I will be replacing said blades. These concerns aside, we’ve discussed before the environmental benefit to longer lasting razors and that is something worth spending a little extra on.

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