Flashlight. App has shown me the Light!

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There should never be a flashlight deprived household, and with the free “Flashlight.” App things have brightened up.

Most phones have some sort of application available to turn them into a makeshift light of some kind. But what do these light mechanisms all have in common? They, without warning, suck the cell phones’ batteries down faster than the Hamburglar can devour a few half-pounders with cheese.

Bring on “Flashlight.” from NTG. The period in “Flashlight.” means that this App is the BEST, ONLY, and LAST Flashlight APP you will ever own on your iPhone.

What does it do exactly:  it turns the iPhone 4 and 4S into a bright light machine that is capable of adjustable strobe lighting effects, and the flashlight function turns on instantaneously when the “Flashlight.” App is selected.

There is no delay, because a flashlight is sometimes needed for emergencies where lapses in sun, moon, or man made light is crucial to survival.

Maybe that grunting and rummaging coming from the camping tent next door is not Carl, but actually a bear. Turn on your light and see the shadow, for good or ill.

And the “Flashlight.” App delivers all of its sleek controls on one touchscreen, without the need to shuffle around, and it includes a necessary battery life indicator so that the user knows just how much the bright light of God is draining the iPhone.

Are there any downsides to this? Well, for starters Droid users will want to beg and scream at NTG Corp. to make this for their smart phones, because this appears to be an iPhone 4 and up exclusive for now.

Give us light!

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