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That says it all does it not?  “Family Guy Free” is the App for the cartoon-comedic golden ages!

The executives over at Fox must not have taken enough abuse from Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy” show on the TV, so they have decided that an all out freely downloadable portable application was the way to finally get the gut-busting Fox bashing hit “Family Guy” out into everyone’s hands.

Rate each one or just sit back at work and watch the 5 starred “Shooting Meg:  Peter takes her out” clip.

But be warned!  Laughter of this magnitude may cause rampant tears and re-watching due to the ridiculously funny nature of this “Family Guy Free” App.

One and two minute clips of the classic “Family Guy” tangents are organized into hilarious categories like the Quotable Quagmire, Everyone Hates Meg, Bloody Moments and, of course, Stewie World Domination. Each video snippet can be emailed with one push of one button by anyone except Quagmire (whose hands are way too sticky to do it).

Every day new “Family Guy” videos are posted to ensure the previously watched sexual innuendos never get old!

The downside to the “Family Guy Free” App is that there are no full episodes of Brian’s book writing endeavors, Stewie’s attempts to slay Santa Claus, Herbert fondling for Chris, Peter guzzling homemade liver shocking Red Bull, or Meg getting…well…mistreated (an understatement, I know) by her own family.

The clips are complete scenes that get the whole punch line, but the entire episodes are only available to be bought through iTunes.

There is a lot of upside here as dozens of the funniest “Family Guy” moments are here for viewing and each one contains a summary, such as “Bath Time for Herbert:  He needs strong hands to wipe him down”.  You can guess whose hands those are…Meg’s!

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  1. You didnt tell us what phone OS its available for. Cant find it in the Andrion Market


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