Everblock Turns Tiny Lego Dreams into a Big Reality

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Who hasn’t built something with Legos and thought to themselves, this is great but, wouldn’t it be amazing if it were life-sized? Thanks to Everblock, that day has come.

This New York based company has created a modular building block that allows users to design, create, and actually use the décor they build, in and around their home.

Desks, Tables, Sofas, Walls, and more are all possible with your imagination and the four piece Everblock system. If you’re not the imaginative type, they even offer sets of 3D instructions for a step by step build along.

And yes, if you have any pieces left over, I suppose you could use them as actual toys to build your kid a fort.


So, how much will this contemporary design greatness set me back? A single 12 x 6 inch block runs $7.25 — which isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than the Lego equivalent. They also offer discounts for bulk orders and feature starter packs that will get that price down a little more.

To give you an idea of what it might cost to create a relatively useful piece of furniture, the coffee table featured below will set you back $187 while the red and white desk will run you $243 (not including the top).

When you think about what a decent desk or coffee table might typically cost, the price is very reasonable. Especially considering, if you ever move or your needs change, you can tear your creation down and build anew – try that with traditional furniture.

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