BitTorrent Now Caters to Mac and Androids

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One of the positives that people have always harped on in regards to PC over Mac arguments is that the PC provides for BitTorrent-type of file sharing. Well people, BitTorrent has expanded, so find another argument!

Mac fans can now rejoice, as BitTorrent has launched three new Apple-based applications in uTorrent, BitTorrent Mainline, and uTorrent iPad, and they actually work (insert sarcastic laugh here). There is little left to defend sticking with the PC side of things now that BitTorrent has jumped lines.

Consumers are currently confessing to the stability of the new Mac-ish BitTorrent file slinging programs. Due to the growing number of Mac users in a PC-material world, BitTorrent has gotten into the nitty-gritty of their software and given Mac users the necessaries:

BitTorrent for Macs now can pre-schedule start, limit and stop activity for downloads at regular intervals throughout the week with the Scheduler function.

The uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline Apps are now mobile! And that includes not just the previously overlooked iPhones of the vast electronics world, but the Android phones as well. Torrents can be viewed, monitored, and downloaded through the mobile controls very easily, as these Apps are akin to their desktop versions.

And then there is the sexy, sleek, and powerful iPad. Well BitTorrent did not forget her either, because the specifically designed uTorrent iPad App has been optimized for the tablet that no one can keep their hands off of. The new web interface is refined for touchscreen massaging, and it is intuitive and fast!

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