Big Turtle Shell — If Batman Had a Bluetooth Speaker, it Would Work, Look, and Sound Like This


Big Turtle Shell is a water, dirt, and shock resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker that looks like Morgan Freeman made it for the dank, stalagmite filled Batcave.


Close your eyes… you’re in Christopher Nolan’s Batcave; Christian Bale is out growl-talking some thugs. You’re Michael Caine, and the Batcave is a mess. You need some of those nostalgic UK tunes to put you in the cleaning mood — the BIG Turtle Shell is there for you.

If your eyes are still closed, I understand, Michael Caine is a badass, but let’s talk about this elite Bluetooth speaker. Big Turtle Shell has only days to go on it’s Kickstarter, but don’t worry if you can’t afford to invest, Outdoor Tech’s Big Turtle Shell will live! With over $200k already invested (well over the 40k goal), Big Turtle Shell seems to be the Bluetooth speaker many have always wanted. If you do have the money, I suggest the $160 pledge (there are only FIVE left); you will get one Big Turtle Shell Boombox for $80 less than if you were to buy it for retail.


Outdoor Tech has made a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is built for a life of action. This is apparent just by looking at this sleek beast. Outdoor Tech wants this Bluetooth speaker to last through the apocalypse, and I would not be surprised to see a fellow survivor using Big Turtle Shell to lure in zombies for slaying! The speaker is shock-proof, dust-proof, and water-resistant. Now people, that’s resistant — not proof. Do not take it underwater to see what a fish version of Michael McDonald would sound like. The speaker is rated for IPX6 or  ‘heavy splashing and rain.’ At the bottom of the shell there are handles so it can adapt to any of your action packed situations.

After seeing the photos and opening up the windows to cool myself down from the excitement, my self-proclaimed audiophile voice spoke up, “What about the sound?” After all, this is a speaker. Outdoor Tech’s design gives listeners the option of either a 360 Omni Directional sound on it’s back or for more of a focused sound, you can stand the shell on its side. Big Turtle Shell provides 110 decibels for any and all of your pure, thick, heavy rock and soft rock. 110 decibels is plenty loud for any of your action packed journeys.

There is also a microphone also tucked away within the shell, so you can use this on one of those new progressive outdoor conference call bike rides with your team. “But how do we use it?” I am glad you asked: The shell is loaded with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that pairs with any Bluetooth device. The range of the Bluetooth is up to 32 Ft, which is plenty of no-cables-required dance space.


If you must bring a cable, bring your phone’s USB cable, because the shell’s rechargeable battery will recharge your device!  With normal use, the Big Turtle Shell will last 16 hours on a single charge. I know, I know – too many Bluetooth speaker prayers have been answered!

Before I saw the Big Turtle Shell, I never gave any thought to actually buying a Bluetooth speaker, but the Big Turtle Shell has proven to be an extreme tease and has lured me in with it’s sexy bod and Siren song.

To all of the modders out there: can we get this thing onto an actual turtle. A turtle with a Bluetooth speaker for a shell? I would quit my job and just listen to my turtle every day knowing that life couldn’t get any better.

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