This Seven Person Tricycle Costs More Than Some New Cars

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It can accommodate seven adults, features dual independent hydraulic brake systems, has Porsche engineered rack and pinion steering, an internal dynamo that powers two headlights, and it will set you back $20,000.


Handmade in Germany, this three wheeled abomination has been designed to encourage social interaction and facilitate team building during rolling meetings for big-name clients such as Cirque du Soleil and Google.

How do you decide who gets to drive? If you have any chance of me getting on this thing, I better at least get to drive. The problem is, that’s exactly what the other six people are thinking and you know Bill the overly enthusiastic project manager gets the only steering wheel every time – friggin Bill.

They say the top speed is a nap inducing 10mph but, if you send me $20k, I’m willing to bet we could easily double that down a moderate rolling hill. Seriously… send me $20k and I will ride this down a hill.


Although the tricycle is designed for corporations, someone has purchased one of these for personal use. How much money do you need to have in your savings account to spend $20k on a seven person tricycle? Oh how I want to know what it feels like to have that kind of financial security.

If you happen to be one of those lucky people you can head over to Hammacher Schelmmer and pick one up in your choice of red, yellow, or blue today. You’d think for that kind of cash they’d paint it whatever color you want.

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