Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball Hits Home

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Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball hits home in all the, BAM!, POW!, right places.

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Yes, the Stress Buster is aptly named.

And yes, the pun is intended.

Put frankly, having a device like the Tech Tools Stress Buster for less than twenty bucks can add years to one’s life.

Having put in many grueling hours at desks, voluntarily or otherwise, one can easily imagine the scenario where such a miniature punching bag could come in to play.

Lets say that a certain boss’s husband has, unbeknownst to you when you took the job, taken on all of the management of half of the company’s clients and works remotely to do this.

Let’s say, Bob, for lack of a true name, goes and screws up each of those clients cutting online corners as though he were a cab driver in the Village.

Google catches wind and, POW!, BAM!, all of the clients’ web sites drop off the face of the earth and more importantly, they drop off of the Google search listings.

But you are not Bob.

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball, stress buster, desktop punching ball, desktop punching bag, punching bag

This does not affect you or your team in the office, does it?

It does when the boss holds you and your team as the scapegoat in front of the company’s owner at the big meeting.

As a diligent leader you attempt to fix the problem by offering up a few hours of work to help.


Bob has already begun work on ‘fixing’ the problem that he alone created.

Bob will be busy, he says, for days, and bill hourly.

The heart clenches in your chest, the searing heat of anxious fury tightens your jaw painfully . . . but then you spy the two-toned boxing speed bag atop your desk.

The Stress Buster holds up to the extreme beating your fists start to dish out, rights and lefts and roundhouses and upper cuts.

And when you hit the Stress Buster into deflation, there is a pump included to air it up for more abuse.

The spring device holding the Stress Buster desktop punching ball causes it to fly back at you based on the direction you have hit it from, similar to a real speed bag in a boxing gym.


Take that Bob!


It feels so good to let the stress explode, evaporate and exit through that punching bag.

The desk is unharmed and the feeling oh so satisfying.

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