Phree Yourself & Write Virtually Anywhere with Mobile Input Device

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One mobile input pen to rule them all, and it is clearly the Phree device that allows for penning words and drawings on nearly any surface and instantly shoots them to an electronic device.


For a writer, the Phree is a godsend.

More and more studies are coming out to say that the physical act of writing does different things in the brain’s synapses and thus creations done with an old fashioned pen prove a more viable platform for many creative minds.

The only problem with the age-old model of ink or lead on the page is that editing, erasing, correcting, and formatting is infinitely easier with a word processor on a computer-type device.

Fun as typewriters are, no one wants to cut up a manuscript into thousands of inch wide paragraphs and sentences, like Stephen King used to, just to see things in a different order.


The Kickstarter campaign is almost at $900,000 from a $100K goal and the Phree’s ability to transfer the scrawls from your hand or car seat even (not necessarily recommended, folks, because if texting is illegal this sure will not be legal for long) to any bluetooth device is mind shattering.

Phree is compatible with software and apps like Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more.

Write and let the software take your hieroglyphics and magically turn them into text in MS Word.


What is also evident is that the size, weight, and feel of the e-pen was thoroughly researched and appears made to be a comfortable extension of the hand.

You can even receive and respond to texts with the Phree smart pen at the early bird price of $168 of crowdfunding for this ink-less wonder!

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  1. Where is this pen available….??? Is it available in New Zealand….???


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