Another Piece of Star Trek Tech Becomes Real With OnBeep’s Onyx

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At one point in Star Trek’s evolution the flip-phone communicator was extended by a Federation insignia badge on the uniform that when pressed could cue up a conversation between other members of the star ship wearing their own device, and that logic has led to OnBeep’s Onyx.


Press your wearable device and talk to your group!

What could be simpler or more convenient, particularly in the workplace, which is the Onyx’s target demographic?

OnBeep has worked to develop a wearable technology that piggybacks off of their users’ existing smartphones.


If you own an Android or iOS device you can easily configure a custom group and tie one or more of your colleagues (that also own Onyxes) to you, and then with a push of the Onyx, like Kirk’s slap of the shoulder-level Star Trek badge, you can talk without taking off your gloves or fetching your phone from your pocket, purse, or briefcase.

Picture a nurse that has her hands full in the ER ward, but can still reach down to bump her Onyx and update the surgeon waiting on intel.

And this bad boy costs a whoppingly cheap $99! Excitement cannot be feigned, as OnBeep charges little more than many Bluetooth headsets, yet if offers oh so much more.

Onyx delivers instant group communication anywhere. Create, manage and communicate with groups, with no geographical limits. See the position of everyone in your groups and their status. Access advanced group management in your phones.


For anyone that thinks the world full of smartphones wielding high tech computer abilities anywhere is not the perfect mate for the Onyx, think again.

Shane Walker, an analyst at research firm IHS technology, spoke on OnBeep’s approach to use existing tech to pair with: “At the simplest level, basing anyone’s business model on the installed based for smartphones is viable,” he says, quoting research that predicts smartphone numbers will triple to 5.6 billion by 2019.

Now, when will they make the hockey puck styled Onyx fit into the Star Fleet Academy’s badges?

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