Alien Chestburster or Boba Hoodie for Babies

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Is it an alien chestburster or Boba Hoodie for babies? This is quite literally the question, especially talking about the most uniquely strange and intriguing baby carrier cover product on the market.


After all, why would anyone want to put warm clothes on the baby?

Why go through all of the effort to pin down the little tike and carefully protect them from the cold autumn winds or stark winter chill?

Laziness wins out every time.

If the ability to merely strap the baby onto the chest and then to cover up the parent and baby alike in an $80 hoodie (that’s right, EIGHTY FREAKIN’ DOLLARS!) does not suit your apathy nothing will!

But wait, argue the point that overly cautious parents can dress up the baby for the cold and still cover themselves in the Boba Hoodie for extra warmth, and a poor excuse for their own coat, and you have the total package to examine.

This thing looks like an alien chestburster!

Look at the videotape, folks.

Tell yourselves this is not eerily reminiscent of one of science fiction’s scariest space scenes, where a parasitic baby alien, which has grown from an egg unknowingly implanted by an alien facehugger, reaches fruition and, being done with the host’s body, bursts through the adult human’s chest cavity in a bloody and painful fashion.

Why not paint a second alien set of jaws and fangs on the baby’s cubby cheeks while you are at it?

I mean do people at Boba come up with a prototype and look at it and say, ‘Yeah, this is the look parents are going to want: an invisible baby carrier and an unnatural view of a baby’s round head pushing from out of the momma or pappa’s chest’?

Sometimes things are invented just to make money and they have less than any practical value, and sometimes certain items make for a kick-ass Halloween costume idea for you and your kid as October nears!

Go, go alien chestburster Boba Hoodie!

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