170 Degrees of Separation: The World’s First Digital Lomo-Fisheye

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Our fascination with tiny cameras seems to never end. Perhaps it’s the novelty aspect or maybe it’s because anything miniaturized is uncontrollably adorable. Introducing the world’s first pocket size digital lomo-fisheye camera.


Brought to us by a team of camera aficionados based in the UK, this tiny camera is jam packed with fun. Fisheye lenses offer totally different, artistic experience to photography, but you usually have to buy a separate, often expensive, lens. Moreover, there aren’t really any digital snapshot cameras on the market that have a fisheye lens either, because the practice is relatively niche. However, this camera has all that and more, all in a bite size package that you can fit in the palm of your hands; perfect for parties, travel and showing off to your friends.

The new lomo-fisheye camera is extremely lo-fi with a minimum mega pixel range between 2mp and 12mp, depending on how fast you want to snap away. There is also no picture window, making it a surprise as to what kind of shots you got when you upload them to your computer. It also has surprisingly advance features, like timelapse mode, which can be set from 1 photo every second, to 1 photo every 7 days and full HD Video mode.


You can currently pre-order this nifty 170 degree lens camera on the company’s Indiegogo campaign where they are trying to raise funding for major, mass production. Surprisingly, the sample photographs are really decent quality, making this camera a great little novelty gift for that photographer friend.

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