Geek Weekly: Suit up in the Suit of Armor Hoodie!


The first ten handcrafted Suit of Armor Hoodies have SOLD OUT!

UPDATE: The Armor Boss and his wildly popular suit of armor hoodie is back and better than ever at theSOFworks. If you missed out on the first production run, you can finally grab one today for just $125.

Chadwick Dillon is the owner of an interesting shop titled SOF the Original Works, and the web site currently states “on vacation” because of the huge interest in Mr. Dillon’s first product, which happens to be a hoodie that resembles, shields, and acts like a gray cotton suit of armor.

Chadwick John Dillon made this awesome Grey Knight Armored Hoodie, and we are talking about a helmet and face visor built right into the hood of this medieval-themed sweatshirt.

Anyone who has ever drooled over the Gondor armor chestplates, or the bad-ass lion themed battle armor that Tyrion sports in the Game of Thrones will appreciate the chance to wear an unbelievably cool looking and lifelike suit of armor hoodie that can stand out in a crowded subway with the hood/helmet down.

Currently each Suit of Armor Hoodie is made to order (and Chadwick asks for a sweatshirt size and arm length before forging these), but the price tag is currently a mystery.

Ten have been sold and the idea is going viral, so who knows how many more will become available or what the prices will be in the next month.

It is such a great idea that Geek Weekly would like to salute Chadwick Dillon for his vision – our delight – and his reference to both The Lord of the Rings and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Well done, sir!

SOF’s message to us all:

The owner of SOFworks is on vacation.

The Grey Knight has fought the internet, and smote it’s ruin upon the mountainside! His valor proven, and his cause is just!

Congratulations to everyone who was able to purchase this set of armor. Your orders will ship on, or before the 27th of this month. I hope you are all as excited as I am!

To all else who would take up his armor and name, I invite you to keep watch and check back often. As this business moves along, more and more contracts will be made available. Though I may be a one man army, I am still one man! But, do not despair, reinforcements are making their way to the SOFworks. We shall clad as many of you in armor as we can.

Oh, and one more thing… The Grey Knight has a rival… and a fearsome one at that. I only heard him say one thing…

“None shall pass.”

Prepare yourself! Become a Knight of the SOF!

[Etsy Store via Laughingsquid]

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    • Charles

      Do you plan on keeping it or putting it up on ebay after all of this hype?

  1. My knight name would be Sir Loin de Burger. He better put a patent on that or their will be a million copy-cats stealing his thunder with means to mass produce these things.


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