World’s First Transparent Smartphone — Great, Now Can Someone Please Help Me Find My Phone?

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The wait for the world’s very first transparent smartphone might not be very long. Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese global systems integration firm, has just unveiled a prototype that they hope to put in consumer’s hands by the end of 2013.

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

For years, Mac rumor mills having been churning out photo predictions of what the next iPhone model will look like and some of the most far fetched have been translucent. Polytron Technologies’ new smartphone seems slightly primitive by comparison, because it is still in the very early stages of development, but what they’ve come up with thus far seems promising.

The only thing visible in the phone will be some wires, camera parts, memory card, battery and speaker system. Polytron Technologies has a knack for glass you can say – the company makes a number of products using glass, like the Polyvision Privacy Glass, which can go from opaque cloudy white to nearly transparent by running an electric current.


A year might be unrealistic for a wider release of the world’s first transparent smartphone and perhaps this is a marketing ploy by Polytron, but I could see consumers eating it up. There is no word yet as to what operating system the phone will run on or any other specs for that matter. If you really think about it, there aren’t many advantages in a clear phone over others – besides the aesthetic ones, but that is entirely subjective. Maybe it’s just futuristic and cool looking, nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Nearsighted

    I already lose my stuff when it’s right in front of me. The last thing we need is stuff that blends into any environment.


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