MuConnect – Mobile Charging, with 100% More Magnets!

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Lightning cables suck. Since we’re on the matter, so do micro, mini, full size, type A and type B USB cables. In fact, lets just say all cables suck.

Lightning cables are expensive, proprietary and break down so easily that they are one of the lowest reviewed products on Apples own website. Micro USB was the standard that aimed to save us all from the dystopian multicable future but that isn’t reversible and doesn’t offer great data transfer rates.

Years later we are seeing USB type C try and bring us peace but it may be too late. What will I do with my myriad devices and their many cables? I’ll get a bunch of the very promising MuConnect magnetic cables and live peacefully, that’s what.

MuConnect doesn’t attempt to hide their inspiration, instead they embrace it. Seeing what Apple did with the MagSafe chargers (for those unaware, the MagSafe chargers connect magnetically and easily disconnect rather than break if something pulls on them) MuConnect adapted that philosophy to the mobile charger.

One MuConnect system is a small pin, which is the head of the cable that inserts into the port, and the connector plugs into the existing charging cable. You now have a MagSafe style magnetic charger for your phone or tablet. Not only that, you have a reversible magnetic connection, for all you micro USB folks out there.


The offer of a magnetic charger would be enough for me in most cases, but MuConnect takes its feature set a step further. On the connector itself there is a switch that toggles data transfer on and off. The benefit of this is twofold – first, no data transfer means more security. Plugging into a public computer or terminal to charge? Turn off data transfer and you’re safe from any nefarious data thieves. The second benefit is faster charging, with no data transfer then the whole of the cables purpose is to deliver power to the device.


There are however, a couple of concerns worth mentioning. The first being, an aesthetic one, I don’t love the look of a small piece sticking out of the bottom of my phone, albeit a very small one. Second, how easy is it to remove that same piece if I needed to? Unless you have some long fingernails, it looks like it might be tough.

The suggested retail price for one pin/connector combo is $20, about the same cost as a lightning cable from Apple, not a bad price in my opinion. You can get one or more for yourself (potentially discounted!) by checking out their indiegogo campaign.

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