WonderCube Boasts 8 Intrinsic Mobile Tools In One Cubic Inch

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Sometimes amazing things do come in tiny packages, like the WonderCube’s ridiculous ability to hide eight intrinsic mobile capabilities in one cubic inch.


Imagine one infinitesimal Swiss Army knife for your mobile!

For fans of the Borg or Techies (and Trekkies), the WonderCube brings the future of science fiction to the palm of your hand.

You know the drill: the commute consists of your running to a train as the cracked and faded doors of the car start to close on you. But luckily your dying iPhone 6 Plus that is bulging in your pocket is enough to hold the carriage doors at bay while you slip on.


Once you’ve boarded, the hour and twenty minutes is plenty of time to finish up all of the work you put off until an hour and twenty-five minutes before the big meeting.

Except the damn phone is dying . . . slowly . . . then quickly . . . then dead, and as it dies so do your career advancement chances.

Simply open up the iPhone plug from your WonderCube and power her back up.

If the Cube itself is not enough, you can even drain 9-volt batteries to further the life of your mobile device.

Since there is a stand for a visual look-see at the Powerpoint, a memory stick to hold the presentation on, and a light, for when you get near to Penn Station, everything is under control.

This funded Indigogo device is running out of units as we speak, but $49 WoderCubes are still available . . . for now.

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