Geek Weekly: Call With Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator

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This special Geek Weekly features a new product that Trekkies have been pining for for some time: a fully functional Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator that you can answer calls with.


Flip open your Comm and shout, ‘Beam Me Up!’

This officially licensed Star Trek TOS Communicator was created using 3D scans of the alpha hero prop from the Star Trek: TOS (The Original Series) TV show of yore.

And yes, this writer is biased: Star Trek TOS will always be my favorite (with the reboot movies a close second).


Back to the piece of tech that allowed for Kirk to communicate to the Enterprise from space stations full of Tribbles and far planets stuck in a 20th century mobster-run society alike.

The sound effects are all there, as are some snappy snippets from Bones, Scotty, and Kirk (20 built-in audio clips in all).

And you can use this to answer phone calls or use as a high powered audio speaker for playing the theme music from the show, or playing audio from anything a smartphone can drum up.


We are talking about dire Youtube clips of Scotty: ‘I can’t do it, Captain, we need more time!’ or countless Spok-isms.

The specs of this bad boy are even more impressive.

The Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator sports hands-free calling and crystal clear voice recognition thanks to a high-quality MEMS microphone.

We are talking about micro-USB charging or the much more fun use of a Illuminated magnetic stand that supports contactless charging and reads “U.S.S. Enterprise Standard Issue Communicator” – and this looks so spiffy on your desk if you want to impress your nerdy cosplay brethren, oops – I am sorry – I mean your friends.

This Comm has days of charge in it and a wireless range of 32 feet, which is not too shabby.


Just as a collectible the Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator is worth having.

And though it will devalue the product significantly by opening the package, who could possibly resist the urge to grab this from your belt as a call comes in, chiming that good ole Trek chime, and flip it open to answer?

The sturdy, but light 5-ounce Comm is built with pressed metal, die-cast metal, machined aluminum, and textured ABS (the stand is die-cast zinc).

I think I’m going to have to open it, flipping open that Comm, and living the dream!

Pre-order the Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator now for $149.99 on before its September release (just in time for the 50th anniversary).

And depending on who answers my call, they may just hear: ‘KHAAAAAAAAN!’

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