Walk Wings – Should I Walk or Should I Roll?

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Walk Wings are like Fisher Price strap on roller skates for adults. Sure, they have retractable wheels that allow you to transition from walking to skating but, the concept isn’t far off – put on your shoes, step into the Walk Wing, strap them down, and roll.


  • Your dog can pull you around (video) and thus save you the arduous task of walking.
  • They are a lot easier to climb stairs with than roller skates/blades.
  • Have the potential to be more socially acceptable than adult Heelys?


  • You’ll wind up walking a bit like Frankenstein
  • Annoying clicking noise when you run.
  • Annoying eye-rolling from passerby’s


If you’re a gadget enthusiast that doesn’t want to be faced with the choice of walk or roll before you head out the door, you can grab a pair at the early bird special price of $117.

Learn more, support, or pre-order now at Indiegogo.

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