Squeeze and Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves Flash

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There are few revelations when it comes to bicycling technology and turn signals, but the Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves are the exception to the rule.

Simple. Elegant. Comfortable. Safe.

These are the components of the Zackees Turn Signal Gloves.

If you are like me and most biking takes place on the trails and you have gone on to take off your reflectors (for the sake of weight loss, of course), you often wear dark clothing, and you often bike on a busy highway at dusk to get back to your car parked outside of the mountain biking park, Zackees can be a life saver.

Many automobile drivers have little idea what they are doing (cracker box licenses, anyone?) and are not aware of the proper arm straight for right turn and arm extended left for left turn hand signals of bikers.

But when a bright LED arrow flashes on the hand and literally points in the direction the cyclist intends to go, any bystander can understand what is going on.

If you like to bike within close trees and narrow paths leading to bliss, then having an added on set of reflectors or signal lamps can get caught in the extending pine branches and undergrowth that goes by grasping at you as you ride. But lightweight, close-fitting spandex and leather riding gloves do not interfere and can be a godsend when trying to alert much larger vehicles on the road to BEWARE.

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves features an ambient lights sensor [to boost] visibility during the day and extend [the] battery life at night . . . while its Ultrabright Rechargeable Pack delivers more power per blink than disposable batteries and this includes spares for an additional $15 ($62 per set without the pack).

The total for Zackees on Amazon with the extending batteries set is $72 and well worth the money!

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