The Greyp G-12 is the Moped of the Future


At first glance, the Greyp G-12 could have easily been stolen from the set of Bladerunner.  I wouldn’t bat an eye if a young Harrison Ford mounted this electric steed. This two-wheeled futuristic beast contains an electric motor that will take you from 0 to 40 mph (65 kmh) with zero exertion.


If you are feeling athletic you can in fact pedal the G-12 like a bike, but find me someone who is buying this to pedal and I will show you a breakfast taco whose shell is made of a waffle… wait, I will show you a pig that flies.

Greyp has not only given us a beautiful, ultramodern looking bike, they have also listened to the “Screen Generation” and have equipped the G-12 with that one display left missing from our lives.  The LCD on the Greyp G-12 is adorned in data.  It will tell you how fast you are going, your efficiency, your battery life, the motor’s temperature, the time, the outside temperature; the list goes on.  If your jaw hasn’t dropped yet, Greyp wants Apple to know, the iPhone isn’t the only one with a finger-print scanner.


The G-12 can save up to 50 users, and each user –  you know, your 50 closest friends that share one bike – can save up to five fingerprints.  Your different fingerprints can be used to change the different drive modes on the G-12: Street, Eco, and Power.  In Street mode and Eco mode, the Greyp will set limits to speed and energy usage.  If you have had enough with the docile streets you can switch to Power mode and let the G-12 do what it was made to do and ride like the wind.  Guys? Am I right?

Perhaps Global Warming is a real issue, but as an American, I question whether or not a battery can measure up to fuel in the power department.  But, let’s not be too hasty before looking ‘under the hood.’ The “state-of-the art” battery pack is specially manufactured by Rimac Automobili.  Rimac Automobili? All you need to know is that they are Croatian and electric vehicles is what they build.

The G-12 can reach up to 74 miles on a single charge. The battery cells are called Lithium-Nanophosphat… the battery can be re-charged from 0 to 100 percent in just 80 minutes.  So when you get home and your battery’s drained, just pop in a copy of This is Spinal Tap (82 minutes long (Cheers to the internet!)), skip to the end of Rob Reiner’s speech, and plant your Big Bottom back on your Greyp.


Greyp wants the G-12 to be the perfect hybrid bike of the future.  They want G-12 owners to be satisfied both on and off the road.  They have not only made a beautiful, innovative bike, but they are also offering a compromise that lives somewhere between exercising on a bike and driving a car.  Not only are they getting you out of your car, they have the potential to get the mass population out of their cars (if they can reduce that almost $9k price-tag).  Global Warming and the clogged and crumbling infrastructures warn us every day that we need to urgently start thinking about alternatives to gas driven vehicles. The Greyp G-12 may be the answer for us all.

It also looks really cool.

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