The RYNO Is The Dumbest Thing Since Segways One-Upped The Big Mac


If the rampant use of the overpriced Segway was not enough to shake rotund members of western society into exercising practices (that includes actually walking on two legs when you are able), there is now a bastardization out there with one wheel: the RYNO.


How does a $5300 (starting price) sound for a RYNO?

That is competitive with Segway pricing, but you have the benefit of sitting down, instead of standing like a silly looking tourist would while on a Segway traversing the myriad crosstown sights in Washington D.C.

Look closely at the RYNO: you will notice a cheap mountain-bike handlebar, a dirt bike seat and upper chassis, and a chopper or modern Harley Davidson-like 240-millimeter-wide motorcycle tire.


For the price of a used Harley (that gets great urban fuel mileage), the RYNO offers you an off balance of features, a top speed of ten miles per hour, and a horsepower rating of five.

But not take my word on this, folks. Gizmodo loved this little RYNO.

It is true that the writer trying out the gadget could not get fifteen minutes on it, because of winter conditions (I guess that limits this a little in the modern world, but I am an admitted realist); they wrote: icy, frigid conditions prevented me from taking an extended ride, but Chris says most folks get the basics after about 15 minutes, with master maneuvering taking just a few days.

Do the basics include the scenes from the movie Wall-E where the future of the human race has us devolved from lack of walking on our own two legs for so long that our bones can no longer support our bodies?

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  1. The guy in that video puts his foot down an awful lot for something that is supposed to be so stable. Anyone who rides a motorcycle will tell you, putting your foot down while you’re moving is a bad idea.


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