Hands On: USB Devices Get Their Powerocks Off With Super Portable Charger


With a name like the Powerocks Super Magicstick, you know this mini-flashlight sized portable charger can truly give any deader than still-life USB phone, iPod, tablet, or camera a happy ending with power restoration.

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The magic part is probably not the size, but the punch the Magicstick (we reviewed the 2800 mAh model) packs for the small casing – up to two full charges of a smartphone, iPad, or comparable USB piece of tech.

What a whollup!

This little mini-Maglite (or vibrator based on look/size/feel) holds its charge for a LONG damn time – in two weeks it only dropped off to the 70% full level and within less than an hour it was fully charged again.

The Super Magicstick comes with a micro-USB to USB cord and input to charge itself and there is a female USB connection for slinging the juice over to whatever your heart desires.

It could not be simpler. And to know the Powerocks power level, you press the button on the end and watch the glow – blue for full charge, green for 70-ish percent, and red for thirty to get yourself to a damn USB outlet or you‘re dead status.

For just shy of fifty bucks retail, the mega-power of this 2800 mAh battery is yours to command. But wait! Amazon has blue units for sale for $39.99!

The Powerocks Super Magicstick 2800 mAh comes in numerous colors and designs, like any good vibrator, but alas it does not vibrate (they should really look into adding this feature, folks, for a multi-use tool).

Campers, business travelers and/or commuters, and zombie apocalypse survivalists will all want to add this Magicstick to their Chewbacca-style Runnur packs ASAP.

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  1. Stephanie Nelson

    I wound give this to my husband. He is always on his phone doing one thing or another and always has his charger with so his phone doesn’t die. This would be easier for him to bring along than the long copied and be a great stocking suffer! :)


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