Unmonday Your Life With Unmonday’s Expandable Speakers

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Monday – the word itself just crawls at your back with a general sense of unpleasantness. What does that have to do with anything? Probably nothing, but it could be a metaphor for all things that are unpleasant – including most speakers. Finding a good pair or set of speakers can be a chore as monotonous as peering over your desk at the grey skies knowing there’ll be four more long horrible days until you can flick on your barbecue and imagine your boss frying in it. Fortunately, Helsinki based company Unmonday might just ‘Unmonday’ your life with their new set of expandable porcelain wireless speakers.

The Fins always do it better (really?) – Unmonday’s speakers, which are quickly stacking up pre-orders on Kickstarter with 21 days to go, are a hexagonal, futuristic looking wonder to behold. With no extra wires, controls or visible cheap plastic parts these speakers can communicate with your laptop, smartphone, tablet and multitude of other musical applications via Apple’s Airplay technology (the wireless bandwidth offers better sound quality compared to Bluetooth).

Unmonday’s speakers are also completely expandable from mono, to stereo, or Dolby Surround. The company has apparently been working tireless for three years to develop different configurations that can change automatically based on what side the speakers are turned – this was done by simply adding a motion sensor to each speaker instead of using some sort of messy software interface. They are also portable with a batter life of up to 10 hours and they come with a very stylish carrying case.

Yes, Unmonday seems to have solved the outdated model of needing a sound system for every device in the house with its compartmental and chic, high-quality – albeit expensive (especially if you want more than just a mono option) – speakers. With an estimated first ship date of May 2013 for all preorders, Unmonday has a few kinks and hurdles to overcome – including needing to raise a lot more money. Apparently there will be possible changes in production if spec models sent to Apple and Dolby don’t match they’re standards for certification to use they’re technology. If you can’t wait and/or you don’t have 500 bucks to spare, you can always pledge $80 just to be a part of the campaign and you’ll receive a black hexagonal umbrella with the company logo… perfect.

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