The Room Filling Travel Speaker is LOUD!

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There might by an innumerable amount of portable laptop speakers out there, but the Room Filling Travel Speaker is true quality turned freakin’ LOUD.

This is one that has to be seen (not to mention heard) in person.

Imagine my surprise:  I shyly seated myself at the back of a gargantuan classroom that held upwards of a couple hundred physics students, and the YouTube sports clip that the professor unleashed on us rocked our ears as well as our eyes.

I looked around, from corner to corner, for the ferocious surround sound system’s speakers that had beautifully transferred the sound from the physics guru’s MacBook Pro to the class’ eardrums.

There were no such speakers.

As I rose to leave the room, a little less timidly, I stole forward to get a look at what the good professor had plugged in to to give us such outstanding audio effects from the physical bone crunching of linebackers tackling quarterbacks (there is a lot of physics involved in this, folks).

There it was:  the Room Filling Travel Speaker sat on the desk, like a miniature camera lens sitting upright with a tiny cord trailing from the laptop’s headphone jack. That was it! That was the source!

How does the Dr Who-like toy from the future work?

Well, the travel speaker uses any resonant surface – that’s practically anything flat, people – to project its vibrant resonance technology at a whopping frequency response of 80Hz to 18KHz for reverberating lows and crisp highs–a wooden tabletop will yield different nuances of sound than a glass tabletop.

This bad boy (or girl) is cylindrical and only 2 1/4″ high x 2″ diameter, and it comes with a 4′ long cord that splits into both a USB plug for charging and a 1/8″ stereo plug for iPod headphone jacks.

The Room Filling Travel Speaker also utilizes a microSD memory card port, if consumers wish to store their own audio MP3s, and the rechargeable battery is packed too at up to ten hours of use. No wonder my professor used this as he traveled back and forth from top secret physics experiments in Japan and the US.

The Travel Speaker is less than seventy bucks and worth every penny!

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