Talk To The Hand – With The hi-Call Glove Phone

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Holding a phone to your head is for cavemen and hands-free kits make you look like a loon talking to nobody. If only there was a compromise that was as practical as it was socially acceptable.

hi call phone glove

Oh wait, there is! It’s the universal sign for ‘phone’ and one of the four most natural things in the world: holding your thumb and pinkie to your mouth and ear. And, thanks to this handy (pun intended) glove/telephone combo, you can now not only gesticulate about an incoming call, but answer it as well.

The hi-Call Bluetooth phone glove from hi-Fun is a simple but effective design with a speaker inserted into the thumb of a wooly glove and a mic in the pinkie allowing no-nonsense talking to the hand thanks to a Bluetooth link to your phone. And they keep your hands warm!

Next time you’re snowboarding down a black slope in a neck-and-neck race with a buddy, you can add insult to defeat by calling and leaving a message about your inevitable victory for him to enjoy when he finally makes it to the bottom.

The hi-Call glove can connect to any mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities and boasts a battery life of 10 days or 20 hours of call time. The pair come in either black or grey (because who wants a bright red phone anyway?) and can be charged with a mini-USB to USB connector.

Unfortunately, the phone tech is only available in the left glove, meaning there’s no chance of connecting two hands to two separate phones for that really legendary look, but fingers crossed for the future.

You can buy the gloves from the hi-Fun website for a touch under 50 Euros. “Pretty expensive for gloves,” you say? Not just gloves, my friend. Phone gloves.

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