Stand Desk – Motorized Sit-To-Stand for Under $400

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I’m lucky enough that I can earn a living sitting at my desk all day, but at the same time, it sucks and I know it’s killing me. Thanks to Steven Yu and Kickstarter, I should be sitting and standing to my heart’s delight in just a few short months.


The Stand Desk is the first affordable motorized sit-to-stand workspace to hit the market and the best part is, it isn’t a big hulking ugly abomination.

I have been searching for the perfect new workspace for the better part of a year but every desk in the category is ugly, clunky, and insanely expensive. The closest competitors start at around double the cost of the $400 Stand Desk and run right through to $2,500 — some of which aren’t even motorized.


The minimalist sleek Stand Desk doesn’t just look good but, it can also support and move up to 250lbs (including the top) with just the push of a button. Hold the button for 2 seconds, let go, and watch the desk automatically raise and lower to the desired height. Tap the button one more time and the desk will stop in place.

If you happen to be 6’3” like me you’ll be happy to know the desk maxes out at 45” and will not only support your freakishly large frame but, you’ll also get a perfect preset by default. Hit the button once and wait for it to reach the top. For those of you who happen to be a bit shorter, the company is also offering a deluxe version of the frame which features 4 customizable preset options to stop the top at any number of heights between 28” and 45” – like newer model motorized car seats.


The included desktop is a spacious 30” x 60” but, it can also be customized with your favorite finish anywhere from 24” x 50” all the way up to 40” x 70”, just be sure to account for that additional weight.

I’m not going to sit here and explain how bad being sedentary is for you. There isn’t a week that goes by that some new report isn’t being published about how we’re all sitting ourselves to death. If you do it, you know how it feels. If you don’t feel it yet, you will soon enough.

If you’re ready to get healthy and get rid of that tingly half-asleep butt sensation, you can pick up the basic laminate top for $399 or spring for the bamboo top at $499. The deluxe frame starts at $549 and features four preset options for one touch adjustments.

Keep an eye out for my hands on review coming this October — until then I’ll be sitting here slowly killing myself like the rest of you.

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  1. If only this desktop angled…I’ve been looking myself for something just like this so I can go from sitting to standing …


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