Snowtime Anytime Brings the Snowball Fight Indoors

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There’s one problem with indoor snowball fights — the cleanup. With Snowtime you get most of the fun of an indoor frozen projectile war with none of soggy mess.

Snowtime Anytime is a pack of lightweight cotton snowballs designed to keep kids (even in the warmest of climates) busy and exercising all year long. And it works but, as the inventors quickly figured out, everyone loves a snowball fight. Now the zip-up carrying case packaging says, this product is for “ages 3 to 103,” which is all the justification adults need for holiday or office parties of any kind.

Make no mistake, the original plan to tire out children still works on adults. Without the typical couple of second break you get forming a real snowball in your hand, this becomes a constant bend, squat, throw, laugh-a-minute cardio workout.

If your snowballs get dirty, simply machine wash on gentle and dry on a light cycle – take that real snow.

Plush snowballs aren’t exactly high tech so, when it comes to specs, there isn’t much too say except, they are about the size of a hearty 3” meatball, weigh enough to throw but not so heavy that they break stuff, and they come in bunches of Twenty for $20 and Forty for $30.

The creators like to note, in addition to making an excellent gift any time of year, these fluffy white balls also make great holiday decorations but, I can’t imagine that’s nearly as much fun.

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