SleepPhones: Pajamas For Your Soul

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Finally, someone has invented pajamas for your ears. No, not literal pajamas, but earphones that you can wear to sleep without causing that morning after ear sore from falling asleep with head phones on and without disturbing the person next to you.

SleepPhones are the invention of doctor Wei-Shin Lai who had trouble falling back to sleep after late night patient phone calls. She wanted something to lull her back to sleep, but didn’t want to wake up her husband Jason, who happens to be the company’s Chief Technology Officer and curator of sound tracks with unique binaural beats that you can buy on the company’s website.

You can plug the headphones into any audio device just like regular headphones but, the SleepPhones are different, because just like a headband they wrap all the way around your head. And with a cozy, washable fleece material, they are are also incredibly comfortable. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this before?

With SleepPhone there is no need for Ambien, Unisom or other any other dangerous sleeping medication. No overdose and no embarrassing two-week later find by your neighbors.

One of the current downsides of SleepPhones is that they are not wireless, but news is they are working on Bluetooth option that should be released in the future. Other than that, these headphones seem like the perfect option for anyone who likes to go to bed listening to music or the soothing sounds of white noise. They are also relatively inexpensive, at $40 a pop and they come in three colors that include quiet lavender, midnight black and grey.

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