Samsung Reveals the Latest in Mobile WiMAX Technology

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Today Samsung Electronics unveiled the latest in mobile convergence devices, the SPH-P9000 Deluxe MITs at Mobile WiMAX Summit 2006. Users will have wireless access to the Internet utilizing Mobile WiMAX connectivity. Simultaneously, the CDMA EV-DO technology provides mobile phone connection for voice communication. With Microsoft Windows XP as the operating system, users will find the contents and applications familiar and easy to use for work and play.

This new puzzle of a gadget is chalked full of cool stuff including a 30 GB hard drive, 1.3 MP camera, 5” LCD, 1 GHz CPU, full qwerty keyboard, and all of that in a package that weighs a mere 1.3 lbs. This is pretty awesome technology, one that I think could only be made better by that third transformer like LCD panel unfolding into three more mini LCD’s making for a nice 20” screen. I don’t know how you can utilize a full keyboard on a 5” screen but then again my eyesight is not 20/20.

Don’t pull out your checkbook just yet the Samsung SPH-P9000 is not set to roll out in Korea until early 2007.

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