Ripserver — All Your Music Are Belong To Us

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Heads up, Apple — there’s a new cowboy in town, and its name is Ripserver. Taking an Apple-ish design nod for all things sleek and shiny, this new unit (set to officially release on March 1 but available for pre-order now) lets you store, rip and serve in one tight little package. With an aim to make the process of ripping all of your CDs as simple as possible, Ripserver is a true standalone piece of conversion storage — no monitor, no keyboard, just plug the unit into your network connection and your files are at your fingertips, quickly converted by inserting your CDs into the slot loading drive for a full disc rip in minutes (you can even adjust the MP3 options to set your own bit rate).

The embedded operating platform runs on Linux with an integrated UPnP server and USB access for direct access from computer to peripheral and back again. Ripserver is available in two different storage sizes — both 500GB and 1TB — and is compatible with any media player or device that can network share. Reserve yours now for £599 – £699 directly from the manufacturer’s website.

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