Riddle Me This Facebook Messenger App

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When did the societal socialization of the human species go from talking to texting (vocal-chords not required) to instant messenger via touchscreen-happy smartphone?

September 1st was the day.

Facebook Messenger has long been a trick to the trade of up keeping various friendships, regardless of busy schedules, contrasting time zones, and imposing work queues. The free “Facebook Messenger” App mobilizes the instant messenger everyone is using incessantly!

There is even a way to use the App to message people who do not yet have Messenger via text too.

Though the App has been around for a few months now, its newest version is causing quite a stir, as the overtly necessary “copy and paste” function is now included, and there are added abilities to link to addresses and numbers easily.

Where is everyone? The App tells all.

Shared location from Facebook lets you see where everyone is dwelling, or moving to, or stopping to use the restroom (yuck, I know) so that group trips become easier to congeal (though the personal tracking creeps me out, personally; Big Brother, anyone?).

In short, the “Facebook Messenger” application is intuitive and runs smoothly to not only provide for a near infinite number of running conversations with anyone and everyone on Facebook (from anywhere, folks!), but there are a number of other useful features as well.

Putting a working mobile App into play allows for the use of smartphones, iPhones, and their touchscreens to easily transmit embarrassing pictures, videos, and get alerted by the phone’s notifications of each equally embarrassing response.

The “Facebook Messenger” App is also the choice messenger by the Dark Knight’s arch nemesis, the Riddler!


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