Lanterns Lights the Way with Outernet’s Uncensored Content for All

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The Outernet is a continuously updated archive of web content beamed from satellites to flashlight-sized Lanterns anywhere in the world for free.


Get Internet content anonymously, like listening to radio!

Free Wi-Fi may elude us for now, but anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device can pick up incredible amounts of uncensored data with the solar powered Lantern.

No matter where you are, the Lantern feeds off of the Outernet in space and allows for the download of news, weather, books, videos, and audio for free.


Buy the Lantern radio and tune in. It’s that simple, folks.

Emergency disaster and weather information will always be at the core of communications, in general, and the Lantern’s ability to reach anyone, anywhere is truly revolutionary.

If the hurricane knocked out your local power grid and you have gone back to the Stone Age for all the good your brick of an iPhone can do once its battery’s died, you can rest a little easier with a Lantern nearby.


The passive daylight will get soaked up by the solar panels on the outside of the little tower and can still function while charging your mobile device.

Natural disasters aside, many countries in the world remain without Internet and in other places many citizens suffer through a heavily censored web.

The Outernet says to hell with censorship of the Internet!

Users can customize what content they like, similar to choosing a Pandora song selection, and create their own archive. And it is never censored. Users’ data use is completely anonymous.


The Lantern brings ‘world wide’ back to the ‘world wide web’ because anyone can listen to world newscasts regardless of the government in power.

The $149 Lanterns are currently available for $99 in the fully funded and still growing Indiegogo campaign.

Outernet has even been commissioned by The World Bank to install hardware in South Sudan providing free information access to millions.

It would not be a stretch to predict Lanterns lighting the way across every continent connecting us all.

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