Knocki Turns Solid Surfaces into Remote Controls

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Imagine being able to knock on your wall to find your phone before heading out the door, or knocking on your nightstand to set your alarm system, or receiving a text message when someone knocks on your front door – with Knocki, all this and more is not only possible but, simple to do.


Knocki is a smart device that attaches to and detects knock patterns on solid surfaces. Using their free app you can then program those unique patterns to control connected devices.

The unit comes with automated functions pre-installed, but also works with IFTTT, Wemo, Nest, Tasker, and that list is sure to grow. Services like IFTTT make both the practical and absurd a reality – your imagination is the limit.

You can adjust Knockis sensitivity to work on any solid surface such as wood, metal, stone, walls, or ceilings – the only prerequisite is that you can reach it and knock it (and be within wi-fi range).

Because this gadget runs on two AA batteries you can literally place it anywhere. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a dealbreaker — I’m going to have to change those things constantly.” Fear not, the people responsible for the product say they’ll last for a solid year.


Since Knocki relies on mechanical vibration sensors you won’t have to worry about commands being triggered by your barking dog or seemingly deaf parents when they come to visit.

For only $59 a pop you could easily afford to put these things all over the place and turn your home into a virtual Tommy Lee style drum kit.

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  1. DippyDippy

    Great, every time my wife knocks to turn the lights on or off I’m going to think there’s someone at the front door.


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