Politics Play: ‘I’m Voting App’ from Facebook & CNN

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Politics can be fun, hip, and 21st Century after all, or at least tries to be, with the “I’m Voting” App from CNN and Facebook.

The great news source, Facebook, and a former news force, CNN, have teamed up to try and rev America’s engines into a voting fervor.

How do you woo the millions upon millions of passive, apathetic, and indifferent citizens to partake in the 2012 Presidential Election? Make an “I’m Voting” App!

Now all of the Android and iPad wielding computer buffs can carefully and stoically do something that they have never considered before: take a political stance and declare said stance over the uberimportant social media broadcast channels. Because what is the point of voting for America’s future leaders, critical issues, and decision makers if you cannot brag about where you stand and point to interactive maps of the country’s outline shading the states in colors that reveal if you are winning or losing?

Facebook has recently started registering citizens to vote – with help from Washington and Microsoft (yes, I know that is scary too) – which should be a huge help. Allowing Facebook addicts to simply click with their burdened fingers onto a registration page could actually yield more voters.

But why do the American people need an App to show their pledged allegiance and a fickle non-binding promise to vote? If the “I’m Voting” App had the ability to dish out a short taser blast to whoever promised to vote on its server and went the November day without doing the deed, then I would cheer this brave application and join up immediately.

In case you wanted to know: Cnet has studied the App and found that the economy has the most votes as being the most critical issue for users thus far. Who could have seen that coming, fellow voters?

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